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Aztec Candy quilt block cushion




So today it’s my stop on the DIY Block Design blog hop.

If you don’t know what the DIY Block Design blog hop is you can find all the details here.

When Alyce asked if I would like to be involved in this blog hop I jumped at the chance and then quickly started to panic! Whilst I have made a few blocks this year for the bee hive I haven’t been doing much quilting at all in a while and it’s like muscle memory, you need to do things frequently for your body to remember how to do something.


DIY Block Design ebook

But Alyce’s book is all about helping the beginner so I sat down had a great read of her book and then promptly put it aside until about a fortnight ago when I sat down one afternoon with my graph paper and whatever pens I could find (it seems I’ve hidden my good ones from the kids and forgotten where that safe pace is).


FullSizeRender 16

FullSizeRender 18

The sketches were all inspired by things found in my lounge room. The first and third are taken from shapes found in our floor rug and the 2nd is a pattern on a cushion bought from IKEA.

Here is some snaps of the rug I am talking about –


This is the design that I ended up working with.


I’d really love to make this center design into a quilt but I think that’s a little beyond me at the moment, but I’d love to work up to it.


You can see my notes here –

FullSizeRender 17

You might noticed in my notes that I had intend to use a white and a colour, but when I went to pull some fabric I found the orange and red and thought they would be perfect.

So here it is, my finished block!


I asked our facebook page and the ASWC contributors what I should call this block and I had some great suggestions but decided to go with Aztec Candy (thanks Barefoot Crafter)

And I was toying with the idea of making it into a mini quilt, but finally decided to turn it into a cushion. And I am so happy I did because I love it!


I am so grateful to Alyce for pushing me out of my comfort zone to try something new. Without this blog hop I KNOW that I wouldn’t have picked up my graph paper or made a new cushion and I certainly wouldn’t be sketching a few other block designs to complement my Aztec Candy block.

And whilst I haven’t written up the details for the construction of this block I am certainly happy to if there is any interest in it. So do let me know if you want all the fabric requirements and cutting instructions.

Have you had a go at designing your own quilt block? Do you have any tips for me on how you would tackle that big center design in my floor rug? 

You can find all the dates and details for this blog hop below. And don’t forget to get involved in the Instagram Challenges as there are some great prizes to be won. 

October 1 – Let the games begin!
October 2
Heidi @ Fabric Mutt
Christa @ ChristaQuilts
Angie @ Gnome Angel
Week 1: Inspiration
October 7Ros @ Sew Delicious
Leanne @ Sewn By Leanne
October 9
Jennie @ Clover & Violet
Jane @ QuiltJane
Melissa @ My Fabric Relish
Week 2: Sketches
October 14
October 16
Week 3: Making
October 21
October 23
Keera @ Live Love Sew
Janice @ Better Off Thread
Michelle @ Factotum Of Arts
Week 4: Finishes
October 28
Kelly @ A Place Of My Own
Abby @ Color Bar Quilts

October 30 – Linky opens!


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