Knitting a Beret

You’re probably very used to me going on about my sewing for work at the moment. Probably because that is mostly what I’m crafting at the moment. And even this project has an element of work to it!

I had one of those Ahhah! moments going through all my winter wear. I have lots of versatile and varied scarves some which are very good for work. A bit of colour but nice and steady. Then I went through my beanies and head wear…. not so good. There was the bright purple fluffy one. The Pink and Yellow Owl and a bright blue and purple one. None of which are really good to wear in an office. Soooo…. I started searching ravelry for ideas.


That place is wonderful for so many ideas. I limited it to free patterns as I knew I would have to at least buy some new yarn and I don’t have a lot of spare money. I found this pattern by WoollyWormhead called the Meret (Mystery Beret). Now I was really excited after finding this one. I don’t know what is was about it but something just drew me to it!


So that evening I drove home via spotlight… and found some 12 ply yarn. It’s only the 4 seasons 12ply acrylic but I don’t need/like wool very much. Find it too hot and scratchy here. I need something on my head but don’t really want wool. I got a plain grey slightly on the darker side but not really dark. I figured it would go with everything I would wear to work. I also bought enough to make a pair of gloves/small cowl to match. I’ll probably start the glove this week. That evening I cast it on as soon as I could and away I went. I was so excited to see this come out and work.


I used the recommendation by the pattern to do a half/half edging. I liked the rolled edge but also wanted the ribbing. This effect is quite striking and I think part of what drew me to this pattern in the first place. I also added another round of the lace pattern to add a bit more slouch and I’m really happy that I did.

Meret Beret by Naughts Cross Stitches



It’s worked in the round so you don’t have to seam it at all which I appreciate as I do think seams can wreak the final look of a pattern if done wrong. (and I often don’t get them quite right) It also made the finishing off so much quicker. It’s knit from the brim to the crown. Also I have lost my stitch markers somewhere in the move but thankfully I could find some paper clips. This would have been impossible without the markers!

A meret beret by @woollywormhead knit by NaughtsCrossStitches in 12 ply acrylic.

It sits beautifully on my head and I’m really happy with the effect. It is definitely a beret not a beanie as it is designed more to sit on top of my head instead of covering it all but that is a more sophisticated look for work anyway.

A meret beret by @woollywormhead knit by NaughtsCrossStitches in 12 ply acrylic.

A meret beret by @woollywormhead knit by NaughtsCrossStitches in 12 ply acrylic.

It hasn’t been blocked… I probably should do so but … that requires taking it off my head for long enough to do so. I’ve worn it non stop since finishing it!

A meret beret by @woollywormhead knit by NaughtsCrossStitches in 12 ply acrylic.

One of the advantages for me having but my hair is that hats suddenly look good on me again. I don’t know why but the moment I grow my hair long they look wrong.

What have you been up to this weekend?

Happy Stitching,


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