procrastination buster

I shared on my blog last week that I was procrastinating about sitting at my sewing machine. It’s kind of silly, in hindsight, that I just didn’t sit down and create what I needed, because it didn’t take long to do.

We buy our potatoes in 20kg or 50kg sacks (one of the benefits of husband driving through the salad bowl for work every day) I have every sack, cleaned, in a pile under my sewing table, and love using them in my crafting. I especially love to pair them with vintage sheets, as I did here.

The hessian can be a bit difficult to work with, so I use a light iron-on interfacing on the reverse side. I follow this tutorial from House on Hill Road, because it’s the one I have saved on my computer, but there are lots available.

Like I did last week with my business card wallet, I sewed the button and elastic on first. (I’m going to have to learn how to sew buttons on properly, I’ve just noticed the button is ready to fall off my cozy, and I haven’t used it yet, except to phtoograph!)

I thought about not using the batting, because hessian can be bulky, but then I remembered how hot the cup gets.

I check and double-check and triple-check the sandwich, because I have sewn it wrong, many times. To remind myself, I put everything together the right way, then turn the top layer over, and I’m good to sew.

Clip the corners, turn right-way-out, and poke the corners out nice and sharp. I also like to iron everything flat, it helps make the edges crisper for top sewing, and helps the fussy side of me make sure not too much of each side is visible from the other side. I use a blunt pencil to poke my corners, but I’m on the lookout for a chopstick that can stay in my sewing bag.

A quick zip around the machine for a topstitch, and we’re done. I always backsticth over the elastic every time I come near it, so by the time I’m finish, it’s held in with six lots of stitching.

And it’s reversible. Although I’ll probably never use it that way, because I  like the hessian.

Do you use a reusable coffee cup?

Cate Brickell (90 Posts)

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  1. So cute, Cate! Congrats on getting motivated 🙂 I do have a reusable coffee cup, our church still uses styrofoam and it drives me crazy!!

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