Monster Softie {FREE pattern!}

Boys are fun! So I totally think they deserve some fun handmade stuff! I made this little monster softie for a little friend at church, James. He turned ONE this week (happy birthday James!), and thought he might like a little soft toy to carry around and chew and do whatever he wants with!

You might like to make one of these yourself. If you do, don’t feel like you need to follow the pattern exactly- this one was made by drawing freehand on the back of the fabric, in a rough “H” shape! It changed a bit when I started sewing as well! It’s all part of the charm. ­čÖé If you do feel like following some instructions, here’s how to make your own!


  1. Take your fabric (fabric should be twice as wide as what you want your softie to be), and fold it right sides together.
  2. Draw your shape onto the fabric (this should be the wrong side of the fabric), and then put pins all over the fabric. Make sure the shape your drawing stays at least 1/4 inch in from the edge. If you want to use our pattern, download it here.
  3. With your sewing machine, trace along the outline. Leave a 3-4cm gap on one side of the monster.
  4. With your scissors, trim around the outside of the shape. Leave 1/4 to 1/2 inch spare.
  5. To make the corners and curves easier to turn inside out, make small cuts from the outside of the fabric to the stitching.
  6. Turn the shape inside out, and use a pencil (or any thin blunt object) to make sure everything is completely turned out.
  7. Start stuffing your softie with small bits of stuffing. Stuff the furtherest spaces first, and all small areas (like the legs and arms of this softie), and then work your way into the middle. You need to use small amounts so that you don’t get lumps, or pockets of air with no stuffing. If you want a really hard softie (ha!) then I would use the same pencil to press your stuffing in harder. Harder softies are great for chewing!!
  8. Once it’s completely stuffed take a needle and thread and stitch up the whole in the side. I just did a really basic stitch that went over the top, but you could try this ladder stitch for something more┬ádiscrete!
  9. Embellishment time! This part is totally flexible. I stitched two buttons on the front
    for eyes, because I’m a n00b softie maker, and totally didn’t consider the choking┬áhazard. :-/ On my second one I cut out circles of felt and hand stitched them on withembroidery thread! Ditto for the mouth. My mouth is a half circle/fat moon shape, which I think makes the monster look a bit excited. A nice smile, or a plain circle would also look cool! Another alternative, if you’re reallyover stitching, is to get out some fabric paint and paint a face on!

So your monster is now DONE! Yay!



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