How to Stitch a Lazy Daisy

how to stitch a lazy daisy

My all-time favourite ‘just-always-love-it’ embroidery stitch would have to be the lazy daisy stitch. I would have learnt this stitch as a young girl from my Mum so it really is not that hard but it always looks pretty. Today I’m stitching on some baby singlets  so I thought I’d take some quick pictures and explain how to stitch a lazy daisy.

how to stitch a lazy daisy

I’m working on a basic baby singlet but you could use this stitch on anything – handkerchiefs, napkins, scarves, T-shirts, bags, coin purses, anything really. Just keep in mind when you are working on stretchy fabric like this singlet that the section you stitch is not going to stretch as well as it did, so only cover small sections with stitching.

I’m working with three colours to match the flannel fabric in the background. They are these numbers in DMC stranded thread: 962 – pink, 209 – mauve, and 3766 – aqua. I used 2 strands folded in half to create 4 threads. I fold my thread in half so that I can start my stitching without knots.

how to stitch a lazy daisy

Step 1: Start with your thread secured and on the top of your fabric like the picture above. This spot will be the centre of your daisy.

how to stitch a lazy daisy

Step 2: Insert your needle in the centre again and bring it up where you want the top of your first petal to be. Then wrap your thread in a loop under the tip of the needle.

how to stitch a lazy daisy

Step 3: Gently pull your needle through and draw the loop tight enough to create a petal shape.

Step 4: Insert the needle into the fabric at the top of the petal to create a little stitch that holds it in place. Bring the needle up in the centre of the daisy again.

how to stitch a lazy daisy

Repeat all these steps to create as many petals on your daisy as you wish. My daisies have five petals each but you could do more or less. You could even add single ‘petals’ in green to add leaves with your daisies. I have added some extra pink petals in pink to create a longer design.

how to stitch a lazy daisy

Do you have a favourite embroidery stitch? What is it?

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  1. Beautiful stitches. Lazy Daisy is just lovely.
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