Kids Craft: Animals

modelling clay snails

My kids have animals on the brain this holidays!

We’re collecting Aussie Animals cards from Woolworths and we took a little trip to Sydney to go to Taronga Zoo (among another things). They even discovered a blue tongue lizard in the yard yesterday!

So I should not have been surprised when they started to make animals. Yes, all by themselves, they decided to make animals with modelling clay. I had finally said “That’s it! No more electronic amusements – you’ve been on the computer/iPad/iPod/TV all day! It is time to do something else!”

So they found the clay and made a rainbow row of snails. Pretty, huh?

The tutorial according to Little Miss:

“It’s easy, Mum. Look I’ll show you!”

  • Roll a snake
  • Then curl it into a snail
  • And poke two eyes in the front.

Then they made a fennec fox and a crocodile. Clever kids!

crocodile from modelling clay

Tips for Modelling Clay Play

  • Set up a designated area so you don’t get clay all over the house.
  • Tools don’t have to be fancy – raid the kitchen drawers for skewers, toothpicks, kids knives, cookie cutters and so on. (Just make sure they all get a good wash afterwards.)
  • Make it easy for little hands by working the clay a little for them as they start to make it soft.
  • Offer suggestions when imagination lags – “How about a pond for the crocodile?” or “Does the snail need a leaf to sit on?”
  • Praise their creations – my kids love it when I take photos. (Sometimes we even text them to Grandma!)
  • Cleaning up at the end is part of the play – and washing hands really well.

fennec fox from modelling clay

 Note: The modelling clay my kids played with is what I call “plasticine”. You could do similar play with play dough or artists’ modelling clay.

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