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This is going to be the last CrochetAlong post for a little while. Here in Australia it is getting too hot to crochet blankets but I wanted to start with a thank you to two awesome followers. These two have regularly shared their crochet blankets on Instagram after getting started with us, and one of them has even made a second blanket on the side as well.

Above you can see the progress of Erin of TheWildTonk and below the stripes of HouleyHoop. Thank you for getting involved!

crochet along blanket

My blanket is slowly growing too. In fact it is getting hard to take photos of it for you!

crochet along blanket

I’m still alternating green, brown and stone in the same order all the time, but the width of my stripes varies. That too has a pattern: each stripe is one row less that the next until I get down to one row, then I start increasing the stripes by one row at a time. I think my widest stripe is 6 or 7 rows, but I might go wider as I get to the middle of the blanket.

crochetalong blanket green brown-001

In my experience, crochet blankets can be a long-term project so I’m going to check back in with all our crocheters in a couple of months – perhaps after the Christmas rush! – and see how you’re going then. In the meantime, feel free to tag me on Facebook or Instagram if you share your progress and use the hashtag #crochetalong so I can find your pictures when I come to write my next update.

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  1. Thank you so much! I love my projects and I’m very grateful for the inspiration to rekindle my interest in crochet.

  2. You’ve made such great progress Tonya. I haven’t done anymore on mine. Hopefully I’ll pick it up when the weather gets cooler next year. Thanks for the #crochetalong.

    Anne xx

  3. Thanks so much for the shout out Tonya! I am glad you got me crocheting again, and I am really excited about finishing this blanket someday! Lucky for me in the United States we are headed into winter, so I should be more than willing to pile my crochet project in my lap tow work on it. I will keep posting progress on Instagram and continue to tag it so you can watch it grow! Thanks again, maybe we’ll have to have another crochet a long next year!

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