Nappy Wallet Tutorial

Nappy Wallet Tutorial

I’ve been meaning to make a nappy wallet for a while now and I had enough of this super cute Elephant Splash fabric to do so.  They are so handy to take a couple of nappies and wipes out and it keeps it all together if you don’t require the whole nappy bag.

Here’s what you’ll need:

12.5”x10.5” of each fabric A (outside), fabric B (lining) and medium to heavy iron on interfacing

2 x 9”x10.5” of fabric A for pockets

2 x 4.5″x10.5″ of medium to heavy iron on interfacing for pockets

1 x 3.5″ x 7″ of fabric B for closure

1 x 13″ x 2″ of fabric B for strap

2 x snap closures (or velcro as an alternative)

1/4″ seam allowance included in measurements

Cut the fabric out and iron the interfacing onto the reverse side of the large piece of fabric A and the tab in fabric B.  Then iron the 2 smaller pieces of interfacing to the pockets pieces making sure they are on opposite sides like below.


pocket interfacing

Fold these in half wrong sides together.  Press and top stitch.  Put these to the side.

nappy wallet 1

We now need to make the strap and tab closure.  For the strap fold in half right sides together and sew the long edge and 1 short edge together.  Turn inside out.  I push the corners out with a knitting needle as the point can get into them nicely.  Top stitch along the sewn edges.  For the tab fold in half right sides together and sew down each side.  Clip the corners and turn.  Press and top stitch.

nappy wallet 2

Attach the snap (or velcro) to the tab.  I’ve used size 20 snaps for this.  Find the centre of the tab which should be       1.5″ down, then measure 0.5″ in and mark with a pencil.  Make a small hole to push the cap up through.  I use my quick unpick (seam ripper) to help with this as it has a nice sharp point. Push the cap through and attach the stud using the press.

nappy wallet 3

 nappy wallet 4

To assemble the nappy wallet, it’s like making a sandwich. Place fabric A right side up on your work bench.  Pin along the top centre the raw edge of the strap and on the centre of the left hand side pin in the tab with the stud facing up.

nappy wallet 6

Then add the 2 pockets on either side with the interfaced side on the bottom and the top stitching in the middle.

Then place fabric B on top with its right side facing down and pin around the edges.  Make sure to fold the strap up so you don’t sew the loose end into the wallet.

nappy wallet 7

Stitch around the edges leaving an opening between the 2 pockets to turn it through.

Turn and press. Stitch together the opening. We are nearly there.

Fold the wallet in half and measure 1.5″ in from the edge on the front of wallet and in the middle attach the socket snap following the above instructions.  Attach the stud to the top of the strap and the socket snap the end near the wallet.  This allows the nappy wallet to be attached to the pram, the nappy bag or even your handbag.

Your nappy wallet is now finished.

Nappy Wallet

nappy wallet 9


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  1. thanks Amy. I am going to make these for friends having babies soon – a great alternative to a quilt!
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  2. Amy – When you place the pockets on top of the strap and closure – are they right side up or wrong side up? Can’t seem to visualize this step, but want to make this tomorrow.


  3. Love the fabric!!
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  4. Can you please add an image of how to place the pockets in the stack…I can’t quite get my head around it.

  5. Keisha tompkins says:

    Can you assist with the pockets cant get ny head around it when you put them on?

  6. Love the pattern and tutorial, thank you. I have made other designs but this is the best – ideal size and very useful.


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