Preparing a Pregnancy Mini Book (What You Need To Know)


After making my pregnancy mini book for my pregnancy with Lior I learnt a few things, and I think that’s why my second pregnancy mini book – the one with Eli – is so much better. The whole process of looking at a not so great project and reflecting on the process to get better at it is a a really important one, and something I would encourage you to do it you have ever made something you’re not happy with. Ask yourself these questions:

 1. What are my favourite parts of this project? (Do these bits again!)

2. What SPECIFIC things don’t I like about this project?

3. How can I make sure I don’t do those specific things again?

For me, I really disliked how my style changed throughout the pregnancy scrapbook. I did it week by week, and I felt like the supplies I used changed a lot, and even the general look and feel of the pages changed from the beginning to the middle to the end. This was one of the main things I wanted to change, so I did. I prepped all my pages at once and then just printed the photos and added journalling as we went along.


Having done two pregnancy mini books now, here is what I recommend:

  1. Choose one element to be consistent throughout the whole album. For me, I chose to have all my pages mounted on kraft card stock. Even if there wasn’t much of it showing, it was always there as the background for each page.
  2. Pre-prepare all your papers and embellishments before you start the album. There are two ways to do this – the first is to choose a collection and only work from that (perhaps with just a few exceptions) or make up your own collection with papers, pens, stamps, stickers, etc. The second options is to cut up papers and store them in the plastic pages ready for when you have the photos. I’ll go into details about why I recommend the second option in another post.
  3. Keep it simple. When you do this album you’re most likely either pregnant or have a newborn – time/energy/motivation is not at its height at this time of life, so best to just keep it simple. You also have 10x more chance of finishing the project if you keep it simple to begin with (it also helps you keep the consistent style).
  4.  Keep a pregnancy journal separate to the scrapbook. I recommend this firstly so that you can keep your journal up to date each week without pressure to complete a layout each week, and secondly so that you can write in more detail in your journal, and leave your scrapbook for shorter points. I wrote a huge blog post for each week of my pregnancy, but as you can see, I only put dot points in the scrapbook. I regularly keep backups of my blog, so I will always have those longer posts. Of course you might want to include all the details, thoughts and feelings in your scrapbook, which is fine (great even!!) – you’ll just need to find the style of scrapbook that will work best for such a text heavy book.



I vlogged the process of making my pregnancy scrapbook. You can view my first entry here.

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