How to sew a baby bib with a pocket

My sister-in-law is pregnant with her third child, and Baby Month was the perfect excuse for me to make something for her. When my kids were babies, I loved the catcher style bib with a pocket on the front. That pocket caught all sorts of spills. The kids could grab food out of there and keep eating, no help from Mummy required! (And umm, they also work wonders if you have a pukey baby – no further comment required…)

The store-bought ones are plastic-y and plain, and just lack the personality of a handmade bib. And they’re no good for wiping up faces when the feeding session has finished. So I designed this baby bib with a catcher pocket:

Baby Bib with Pocket1

Unfortunately, I don’t have any models willing to wear a bib these days, so I had to get the wonderful Bentley Bear to step in, to show you what it looks like on:

Baby Bib with Pocket2

I made it from a cheap towel  and fabric scraps, and I lined the inside of the pocket with Procare to make it a bit easier to keep clean in there – but that’s optional

Baby Bib with Pocket (1)

So here’s a tutorial for how to sew a baby bib with a pocket. And as an added bonus, the pocket for this one actually stands out (unlike other tutorials I’ve seen) so the pocket actually catches spills.

Baby Bib with Pocket (11)


20cm x 35cm piece of terry cloth or towelling (a cloth nappy would also be great)

10cm x 20cm scrap of feature fabric

10cm x 20cm piece of Procare (or another piece of feature fabric)

Small piece of hook and loop tape (Velcro)

1.5m bias tape

Sewing Machine, Scissors, Thread etc


1. Print and cut out the baby bib pattern template from here. There are two pieces, the bib and pocket.

2. Cut out one bib piece from terry cloth, one pocket from your feature fabric and one pocket from Procare.

Baby Bib with Pocket (2)

3. Place the two pockets pieces with WRONG sides together. Pin bias tape across the top (straight) side:

Baby Bib with Pocket (3)

4. Sew bias tape into place.

Baby Bib with Pocket (4)

5. Pin pocket to the front of the bib piece, matching the top up with the pattern marking and following the curve.

Baby Bib with Pocket (5)

6. Sew a long basting stitch along bottom edge of pocket, approximately 1/4 inch from the edge.

Baby Bib with Pocket (6)

7. Pin the hook (scratchy) tape to the front of the bib at the pointy corner. Pin the loop tape (the softer one) to the back of the end of the neck strap. Sew both pieces into place. Since this can get a bit of wear and tear, especially with kids pulling on their bib, I sew around the edge and across both diagonals.

Baby Bib with Pocket (7)

8. Pin bias tape around the outer edge of the bib. (This is the quick and not always neat way of sewing bias tape. Open up the bias tape, sew to the front and then fold back over and sew in place if you want to make sure you have a neat finish).

Baby Bib with Pocket (8)

9. Sew the bias tape into position.

Baby Bib with Pocket (9)

And there you have a cute bib with a nice pocket for catching spills.

Baby Bib with Pocket (13)

What’s your favourite bib pattern?

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  1. I love this style of bib. Will be making a few of these up for when Sammy starts on food.
    Amy recently posted..Gift for MumMy Profile

  2. Thank you so much for the tutorial! I have 3 baby showers this month and cannot wait to whip up a few (and a few for my messy eating daughter too!) I do have to ask, what is Procare? Is it like vinyl or duck-cloth?

    • Procare is a food-safe waterproof fabric made from polyester and vinyl. You could also consider laminated cotton or PUL, but do your own research to work out if you want you baby eating food that’s touched it. You could just use another layer of towelling or cotton fabric. I had Procare in my stash, so I thought it was a good way to use it!
      Narelle (CookCleanCraft) recently posted..How to sew a ruffled scarf {tutorial}My Profile

  3. Rob O'Neill says:

    The style of this bib is really cool! The pattern is cute as well as your adorable model there. I admire the person behind this awesome post. Good job!

  4. Great pattern and instructions, thank you! In the picture under #2, it looks like you have the terry cloth piece pinned to a piece of smooth fabric, but that isn’t in the instructions. Do you recommend doing that?

    • Hi Amy. I’m glad you like the pattern.

      For the main bib part, I only used a single layer of terry cloth. I used a green permanent marker to drawer my bib pattern onto the towelling (I hadn’t finalised the paper pattern at that stage!), so that’s why it has a green edge. You could back the bib with another fabric if you wanted to, but I didn’t bother. Let me know if you have any more questions!
      Narelle (CookCleanCraft) recently posted..Sweet Potato Pasta with Salami and KaleMy Profile


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