How To Tuesday: Baby Bib With Metal Snaps

How to make a baby bib with metal snaps

Baby bibs are a fabulous gift to make for new bubbas. They’re quick, easy and don’t require much fabric at all. All you need is some fun cotton fabric and a backing – I like to use flannel for a soft and thick layer, but you could also use terry cloth. How you choose to “close” them is up to you. When I had babies in bibs, I preferred ones with a metal snap because it makes them a lot harder for babies to get off! Baby bibs with metal snaps are really easy to make too, and certainly quicker than sewing on velcro!

Metal snaps pliers

I used the baby bib template and tutorial from Clover & Violet – a good shape and size – to make my bib. And then it’s time to pull out the snaps plier. These guys have a bit of a bad reputation, and I’ve certainly had my battles with them, but for irregular use like the occasional baby bib or such, they’re definitely worth the occasional snap mishap! I like to use the 10mm size snaps as they’re not too small nor too big.

One side has a swivelling piece – one is for snaps, the other is for adding grommets (it punches through the fabric). Make sure the flat side is on the outer edge, mine has the yellow rubber grip on it. This is where the male or female pieces go. The backing pieces go on the other side.

Metal snaps

These are the 4 snap pieces you will need – 1 male, 1 female and 2 backing pieces.

Adding the male snap

Let’s add the female piece first. If you look at it carefully, you will notice that one side is slightly raised. This needs to be facing out for the claws on the backing piece to grip onto. The backing piece goes on the other side, where the red rubber grip is, with the claws facing out too.

Metal snaps on a bib

Place on the bib with the female piece on the top/on the front of the bib and squeeze the pliers closed carefully.

Adding the female snap

Place the male piece into the pliers with the knob facing down. The backing piece is claws out again. This time, the male piece needs to be on the back of the bib and the backing piece on the front of the bib. Squeeze the pliers closed carefully.

Baby bib with metal snaps

And you’re done! You can of course use this method to apply metal snaps to anything you want them on!

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  1. I can[‘t get snaps to work no matter what I do!
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  2. I like bibs with snaps and I prefer snaps than the Velcro. No one ever told me that putting snaps has a very simple way. I always found this thing as the hardest thing to do in finishing my baby bib. Well, thank you for this one.
    Rob O’Neill recently posted..test 2My Profile

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