Tutorial: DIY Embroidery Hoop Baby Mobile

baby mobile diy

We can’t paint any walls or anything in this house, so I am trying to up the colour in the nursery by including some fun bright items. One such item is a baby mobile and whilst making it I thought I should share a tutorial on how I put it all together incase anyone else wanted to make one, but wasn’t sure about the best way to do it.


Scrapbooking Papers or Cardstock

Sticky Tape

Washi Tape


3 embroidery hoops of differing sizes (only using the inside hoop without the hardware)

Fishing Line

Template for tracing circles


How to:

First step is to trace ALL the circles. I used the inside ring of a small embroidery hoop as my template. You can use whatever you like to make the size you wish. It could be a bottle cap, just anything circular.

Or if you’re really lucky you might own a die cut machine and are able to use that.




Now it’s time to get cutting. This step took me about 3 hours with a few breaks in between and a very sore hand afterwards.



But look at all the pretty rubbish you end up with!


Next I wrapped my embroidery hoops in washi tape. I did the largest and the smallest in the same colour and the middle hoop in a contrasting colour to add interest.



Now that all your circles are cut and your hoops are ready it’s time to string up your circles. I used fishing line and sticky tape for this step.

I just cut lengths of fishing line and table the circles on close together. I varied the amount of circles on each length. The longest one had 9 circles and the shortest had 5.

Okay, now is when I needed all my hands and also the hands of hubby, so sorry, no photo’s.

But first we tied the fishing line with the circles onto the BIGGEST hoop, then we go to work on the two smaller hoops.

First we tied four lengths of fishing line opposite to each other on the smallest hoop then tied them all at the same length in the center and created a loop for the mobile to hang from.

Then we tied four lengths of line to hang down from the smallest hoop to attach to the middle sized hoop.

Finally we attached four lengths of line to the middle hoop so that the big hoop could be attached.


Does all the make sense? Hopefully the finally pictures will be able to demonstrate what we did. The hardest part was getting the fishing line all even when tying the knots.




diy baby mobile tutorial

We don’t know the sex of this baby, so I just tried to keep the colours unisex. I know there is some pink in there but I really don’t mind, I just wanted some bright, colourful and happy. And well, I think I did just that.


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