7 Ways to Hang a Mini Quilt

Next month, I’ll be sharing my mini quilt as part of 12 Months of Mini Quilts. As I was working on it, I suddenly realised I had no idea how I was going to hang it on the wall (since it’s a decoration for my daughter’s bedroom). It was time to do some research on methods to hang a mini-quilt, and I thought I’d share my research with you here:


7 ways to hang a mini quilt

Thumb tacks or pins

The most basic way to hang a mini quilt is just to use thumb tacks or pins straight into the surface you’re hanging it, like this from Clover and Violet.



It’s not very stylish (well, depending on the tacks you use), and puts holes in your quilt and the wall, but it gets the job done!

Triangle pockets

Fold a square of fabric in half and create a pocket in the top two corners before binding. Use a rod or ruler too hang the quilt. This version uses a Command picture strip on a ruler.

How to Correctly Hang Your Wall-Hanging Quilts with Beth Ferrier - Google Chrome 14082014 15017 PM.bmp

There’s a video tutorial for how to make the pockets on the Craftsy blog (affiliate link).

Hanging sleeve

Another method for inserting a rod to the back is to include a hanging sleeve, such as in this tutorial from Patchwork Posse.


If you’re using a round rod or dowel, add a small pleat so that the sleeve doesn’t lie flat on the quilt. This will prevent the quilt from curling around the rod when it’s hung.

Hanging Loops

Sew some hanging loops to  the back of the quilt, and insert a dowel. This can either be hidden on the back of the quilt, like this one from Modify Tradition:


Or looped to the top, like this one from Craft Ideas:



Clothesline and pegs


This is from Camille Roskelley’s display at Quilt Market last  year.

Trouser hanger

Depending on the size of your quilt, a trouser or skirt hanger can be used to hang your mini-quilt, like Bijou Lovely Designs has used here:

improv mini

If the quilt is much larger than your hanger, the corners may bend over.

Macrame-covered hoops

Lemon Tree Tales has a tutorial for covering a small hoop with macramé and sewing them to the back of the quilt as hanging loops.


If you’re not worried about scratching the wall, you could just sew the hoops straight onto the quilt back.

So there’s seven ideas for hanging a mini-quilt. What method do you use?



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  1. I’ve started with plastic rings sewn to the back, then moved to a sleeve sewn in at the same time as the binding (using leftover backing fabric usually) and then I tried pretty woven ribbon, à la Ayumi Mills, and finally, triangles in the corners. I am going to remember the pleating tip for the sleeves! The ruler tip sounds especially smart.
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