Crafting for Camping

The post also known as “how to blow out your to-do list” in one easy Pinterest visit…

We are heading off on a camping road trip in just over a month. Four weeks on the road with four children is less daunting when I’m organised and have a heap of things made and prepared to ease our journey. High on my immediate list is a set of bags and a quilt.

Also things I would love to make if the next five weeks play nicely:

An art portfolio for each child



A pillow to hold their special friend so we don’t end up in a “no teddy left behind turn this car around” situation



A car wallet or three



I love the idea of a seat back organiser



And a car bookshelf



And finally a set of fabric boxes to help keep all the car “stuff” organised.


Totally doable in five weeks with four children 8 & under under-foot, right? Tell me, what have I forgotten that I really HAVE to make for our road trip?

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  1. I have seen your wonderful art portfolio everywhere over the internet & in Pinterest. Have chased many links on it trying to find a tutorial or downloadable file for it…have checked your site & can’t find where to purchase…love your work & would like to make a couple to send to my Grands in Australia. Could you help me out with where I can find pattern/ totorial to purchase??

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