Old Favourite – That pattern you go back to again

As time goes on and my skills and abilities improve I find myself falling back on some patterns again and again despite having made it numerous times before. I get quicker at sewing them and change as skills and machines change. These become my favourite patterns to pick out and recommend to others.

Now I’m not just talking sewing as this post came about when I wanted to make my sister another pair of gloves and I went straight back to the campout fingerless mitts I made a couple of years ago. I so enjoyed making them last time that I had to try them again, and they were the first pattern I wanted to make when I needed something.

Campout Fingerless Mittens - As seen on AndSewWeCraft

The more I think about it, I think what makes a pattern one of my favourites is that it has to be easy to customise. If I can easily change out yarn and fabrics, and also find the items easily I want to make it. If the yarn/fabric is hard to find I don’t want to make it. The gloves above work so well with any yarn and changing up sizes and lengths. They are very easy to make mine.


Another of my favourite patterns is the honey bear from Funky Friends Factory. I’ve made this teddy for a number of friend’s babies and children. I know I have one hiding around my bedroom still. All you need is a fat quarter of fabric and it’s very simple to sew. Being simple it means I keep coming back.

Honey Bear - Old Favourites

Now, I don’t have many/ any sewing patterns that I keep coming back to. I think I will have some that become that but I haven’t made enough yet. I do have a couple of pairs of slacks that fall into a favourite’s category. My grandma made them for me out of a pattern that she has used many many times. It’s one of those classic designs.  That’s what I’m looking for in clothes a collection of interesting but classic designs that won’t look wrong being paired together. I’m getting there. The problem with clothes is you do want the items to look different not all the same while still being easy to make.


So what are YOUR favourite patterns?

What do you keep going back to again and again?

I’d love to add some more patterns into my collection that are worth coming back to again and again. One day I will be able to follow all my plans but not today.  Today I’m just dreaming and collecting together the dream wardrobe/toy patterns. All I know is I do need more tops in my collection… the same 8 work tops are getting worn down way too quickly for my liking so lets find some more favourites.

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